We love our wedding photos!
When we first met Angela, she wanted to know what we were looking for in a wedding photographer...I'm not sure anyone else asked us that!  We weren't sure we knew the answer, but in talking it through, of course we did.  We wanted a record - of the day and of the people who were there to support us.  Like most people, we wanted our wedding to reflect who we are as individuals and as a couple - we wanted to have food, music, dancing - but we wanted the day to be unique, too.   So, when we started looking for a photographer, we hoped the end result would be interesting, but not cheesy or overstylized...we wanted the photos to be real, and of course beautiful!

On our wedding day, Angela was a calm presence in the midst of a whirlwind of a day.  Out of all the things to think about that day, we didn't have to worry about Angela - she knew what pictures to get and how to get them.
We're not sure how she did it but Angela was everywhere, but always inconspicuously and with ease.  Don't let her calm demeanor fool you though - Angela's energy and her passion for what she's doing is evident in every picture.  She wrangled the masses - ages 2 to 72-  into smiling family portraits, got the kids excited about having their pictures taken, and wasn't afraid to manuever through the bushes or drop to the ground - I mean lie flat on the ground!  to get the best angle for a shot.  The photos she took reflect that, as well as her wonderful ability to catch the essence of the day in a snap. We are so happy with our photos and have received countless compliments from family and friends on Angela's work.
- Ruth and Dan


I can't rave enough about this photographer. From meeting with Angela before the wedding to walk around the space and talk about what I wanted, to having her casual and calm, yet professional, presence at the wedding. Every step of the way she made the process enjoyable and comfortable for us. I have a sizable immediate family and an enormous extended one. She was awesome at directing the family photos after the ceremony so that we were inside sipping champagne in a flash! And, man, I haven't even gotten to the photos yet. Absolutely amazing and beyond my expectations. We got all the shots we were hoping for and more. And you can really tell by their quality that she spends time before and after making sure that they are just right. I have gotten nothing but major compliments from friends and family. They totally capture the day and we couldn't be happier!


Damn! Nice work.


Angela Georges of Angela Georges Photography is amazing. She has the best personality in the world. She is the person who will smooth over any wrinkles, and go above and beyond to make your day as perfect as possible. She is a gifted, artistic photographer. I would recommend her to any bride who wants truly beautiful memories of her special day.


What did my guests remember about my wedding? Food, drink and the Greek music and dancing. What do I remember about my wedding? Not every single detail that I want to therefore an amazing photographer was the single most important hire for my wedding. Angela Georges was able to capture us and our most loved family + friends in a way that was truly remarkable. How did she know that the picture of the bottom of my mom's feet from barefoot dancing at the end of the night would encapsulate her perfectly? Or how to capture the you'd-better-be-glad-you're-so-damn-good-looking look on my face when my hubby thought it was funny top shove the cake in my face after we cut it? And the list goes on and on. All I can say is that the entire evening was perfect . And Angela Georges' amazing talent captured every precious and not so precious moment that evening for which I'm forever in her debt. If you need not just someone to take pictures of an event but who makes people alive on the page, Angela is your photographer.


We're both Consultants, i.e. we want to be involved in every decision and want to have a plan.  Well, when it came to photographs, all we said was "we trust you...make us look good." In short, we were blown away! To this day I remember the first time we sat down to review the proofs, I literally burst out laughing at how good they were.

Friends had suggested getting a videographer in addition to a photograph, mainly because from their photos they couldn't remember what they were feeling.  I think the biggest compliment that I can pay is that every time I see our photos (we got an amazing photo album as well as 2 extras as Christmas gifts for our parents), I am transported right back to that amazing day and can feel every emotion...thanks to the amazing job that Angela did.

Even to this day, when people see the photos, it just makes me smile, because they are shocked at how good they are, and often say "wow, these are so much better than ours were." And oh yeah...she made us look good...real good!!!